HHCo is a family-owned company that’s dedicated to providing pure, clean, and simple hemp CBD products for your highest health.



After a career in architecture and design at an International firm in Los Angeles, Laurel Durland moved to Nevada County to apply the same attention to detail, desire for beautiful design, and teamwork  to her own dreams and design. In addition to being a visionary for how people, land, and business can come together to celebrate simplicity, beauty, community, and opportunity, Laurel handles the day-to-day business and strategy for HHCo and is the go-to for the strategic growth, accounting, marketing, and legal matters of HHCo. Laurel also handles partnerships and advocacy on behalf of HHCo. When she’s not on the farm she loves harvesting the fruits of the day to make a delicious dinner for her family and friends 



An architect by training but a farmer at heart, Max Gladish oversees all of HHCo’s farms. Max ensures that maximum quality, quantity, and efficiency are achieved and that each farm has what they need to operate safely and legally within an ever-changing industry. Max holds a degree from USF in architecture and community design and has years of experience in building and landscaping in a manner that holds plants, people, the planet, and profit at the highest regard. Max started in the cannabis industry in 2010 and holds a breadth of experience in every aspect of the practice -- from curation to cultivation and processing. With a family that has managed acres of land and experienced entrepreneurial success in Northern California for centuries, Max is committed to forward-thinking and openness that inspires confidence and commitment to a business that provides for all that participate. 


DANIEL CARTER Partner & Chief Scientific and Technical Officer, HHCo

Daniel Carter is our resident scientist. Daniel received his BS and MS in Biotechnology from the University of Nevada Reno, where his research projects spanned the ecological effect of environment on genetic evolution, to biomedical engineering and human perception under stress. While in graduate school, he held an internship at Charles Rivers Laboratories, a major international preclinical trial pharmaceutical testing company. Daniel worked in the analytical chemistry department, where he was responsible for quality control (QC) and formulations. After receiving his MS, Daniel worked on nanomaterials chemistry for Water Safety Co., where he developed a fluorescent visual product QC test and built his Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) skills. Daniel brings to the HHCo Team experience with product and process development, project management, GMP, and GLP skills. His academic background, experience with global pharmaceutical leaders, and direct industry experience make him an invaluable asset to the HHCo Team. When not in a lab or glued to his computer, you can find Daniel exploring the West Coast or at Donner Summit climbing, skiing, or juggling.