About HHCo


  1. Family. We are family. We buy from small farms, sell to small businesses (and individuals), and strive to care about not just our people but our people’s people. HHCo is a family business, with a nod to the generations of hippies and farmers before us, and a legacy for the ones who come after us. We know the names of our neighbors. We hire our friends when possible. We host gatherings. We’re involved in local organizations. Family is first. Always. 
  1. CBD Plant Medicine. We truly, deeply believe in the healing properties of hemp CBD, and we have the science to back it up. We are excited to share what we know and help our collective community lessen our dependence on synthetic pharmaceuticals and lean into the power of plant therapy to give us the healing we need for our highest health. 
  1. A Regenerative Future. We know sustainability is no longer enough. We must move beyond lessening our impact towards practices that regenerate our resources. We’re not perfect but we strive to do  it right even when it’s hard. We promise we are doing our best to push this industry towards regenerative farming practices and minimal packaging the best we can.



Highest Health Collective (HHCo) is a family-owned cannabis company that’s dedicated to providing hemp CBD products for your highest health. We are committed to keeping our products clean, simple, and pure, participating in sustainable growing practices, and using minimal packaging.



HHCo uses plant material grown with organic principles to produce high-quality California CBD. We strive to be leaders in the industry through best practices, strong team building, and quality processing. From seed to shelf, we are committed to delivering a high end, natural product. 



At HHCo, we provide environments that maximize the health, safety, comfort, and enjoyment for our community, our people, and our customers. • We care. We spread good health not only because it’s our passion and what makes us feel good, but because we want to make that good feeling easily accessible to you. • We listen carefully and foster a culture of transparency and opportunity. • We embody abundance. In an industry that can be fraught with doubt and insecurity, our commitment to positivity and openness inspires confidence in a profession that provides for us all. • We are a family. We listen to and look out for each other. The better each and every one of us is doing, the better product you get. • We are professional. We take our work seriously and expect the same from our partners and our team. We show up early, stay late, ask the right questions, and take ownership of all we do. • We strive for continual growth. We constantly ask questions, seek knowledge, and break barriers. We enjoy.